Letterboxing in North Texas

While doing the volksmarch in Frisco I planted a stamp in the Sculpture Garden.  It is near here, and is called Hop Hop the same as this sculpture is named.


After we finished the Volksmarch we headed over to the Zion Cemetery where three boxes are located. We started following the directions.  They all started from the same spot.


Folk Art Series – Shell Art directed us here.


From there we were directed to a large cedar shading the Fergusons.  We didn’t continue because we saw a box in plain site nestled in the center of the cedar.  There was a log, but I couldn’t find a name on it for who placed the stamp or what the stamps name might be.  It is a store bought OWL.  If anyone knows anything about this stamp I’d like to hear from them.

Back to the Shell Art stamp we continued to this marker.


And then to this tree.


But the stamp was gone.  I had printed out the directions from LBNA and when I got home and was recording our finds/attempts I found this box listed as “Retired” on AtlasQuest.  I really really need to remember to check both websites!!

We moved on to look for Yellow Eyes which was supposed to be hanging in a tree.  We found it with a torn bag on the ground, but the logbook and stamp were safely inside.  Also inside was Walmart Smilie from Pennsylvania!  Smilie will be moved on to another location.  I couldn’t find a way to “hang” Yellow Eyes so I sit the container in the tree branches.  It may be on the ground if you go looking for it.

The last box at Zion Cemetery was  Luck of the Irish.  It was supposed to be hanging also.  I checked all the trees in the fencerow.


Didn’t find the stamp but I did find a hive of bees! This is my second close encounter with bees while letterboxing, so everyone be careful while letterboxing.


On the way home we used the Friendship box in Ernie Roberts Park, in Desoto as an excuse to get out and walk around to break the long drive.  We found the Roy Orr Trail as described.


We found the dirt trail with the drop off on the left.


We even found the tree that is leaning on its limbs, but the box was gone.


Before getting back on the I-35 we headed over to Midlothian to look for For the Love of Bandit. This time we had success.  It was a cute stamp.


About walktx

I am an avid Volksmarcher. I belong to Texas County Walkers in Mesquite.
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