Letterboxing at Independence

Located twelve miles northeast of Brenham, it was founded in 1824 as Coles’ Settlement.   John Prince Cole was one of Stephen F. Austin’s original “Old 300”.  He arrived in the area in 1822 but didn’t receive his Mexican Land Grant until 1824.  Coles’ Settlement was later renamed “Independence”.  It became a Baptist religious and educational center of the Republic of Texas. In 1846 it became the first site of Baylor University and the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor.  In 1854, President Sam Houston was baptized in the Independence Baptist Church. His wife, Margaret Lea Houston, and their oldest son, Sam Houston Jr. are both buried at Independence.  The town council refused the railroad a right of way through town and as trade moved to cities along the railroad the town died.

We came to Independence to do a 10K Volksmarch and to hunt for five letterboxes.  The volksmarch didn’t start until 9am and we arrived at 8am so we went on over to do a search for two letterboxes located at Windmill Hill.

Entrance to Windmill Hill

Entrance to Windmill Hill

Baylor Rose was our first attempt.  It was last found in November of 2012.  We found the grave of Judge Baylor.

Information on Judge Baylor

Information on Judge Baylor

Original burial site, but he was moved to the MHB campus in Belton.

Original burial site, but he was moved to the MHB campus in Belton.

From there we looked for a fence post with a rock beside it.  Unfortunately it appeared that new fencing was in place.  There were several rocks nearby that we looked under, but did not find the box.

Our next attempt was Stop and smell the roses! which was last found in November 2012.  We found the old well.



From there we successfully found the letterbox.


This box name reminded me of this real plant.  There was a marker that said the stone from the old college was used to build the general store so we drove over and looked at it.


W.C. Lueckenmeyer’s build in 1939.


By then it was 9am so we went to do the walk.  The walk route took us right by the Old Baylor Park where two boxes were listed.

Flower Power was also found in November of 2012.  However, it is gone now.


Wild Flowers was also found in November of 2012.  Our first clue was the College Columns.  These are not the originals we discovered they are replicas.


From there we were sent to a picnic table and a tree stump nearby.  We searched but did not find a box.


Wagons, ho! found in November of 2012 was also right along the Volksmarch walk route in Independence Cemetery.  We were given a clue for this grave marker.


From there we quickly found the hidden box.  We then resumed our volksmarching adventures.


About walktx

I am an avid Volksmarcher. I belong to Texas County Walkers in Mesquite.
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