Letterboxing in Burnet

Heading home from SA we took HWY 281 rather than I-35 and passed through Burnet, Tx where we stopped to do a search for four boxes.

First stop was for Burnet Rumble last found July, 2013.


We Found the Pavillion where we were instructed to look for a black circle.  I spotted this one.


We went to investigate and saw what could have been a hiding place under this piece of wood but did not find a box.


Upon continuing our search we found this circle hidden behind some weeds.


It had been raining and there were a lot of weeds.  I logged this as a not found, but the box might be there behind the tree.  From there we moved on to Hamilton Creek Park which is a very nice park.

DSCF6494 DSCF6495

We followed the sidewalk along the river and came to what we thought was the correct spot for the box called 78611 which was last found in March of 2010.


We looked but did not find a box.  Next we searched for Sea Star That Should Have Been, which was listed as being close by.  It was last found in May 2012.

DSCF6497 DSCF6498

I think we were looking in the right spot under this slab of concrete, but we didn’t find a box.

Our last search was for Fort Crophan which was last found in April, 2013.  This was a very nice place that I never knew existed.  We talked to the volunteer in the Museum and she said she wasn’t surprised that we’d never heard of it.  She said over half the people living in Burnet don’t know about the historic fort.  That is so sad.


DSCF6499 DSCF6500 DSCF6501 DSCF6503 DSCF6504 DSCF6505 DSCF6506 DSCF6507 DSCF6508 DSCF6509 DSCF6510 DSCF6511 DSCF6512 DSCF6513 DSCF6514 DSCF6515 DSCF6516 DSCF6517 DSCF6518 DSCF6520

We found the box and exchanged stamps before rehiding it.  This nice historic fort is only open Thur-Sat from April to October.  So it is a good thing the box is located outside the gates.



About walktx

I am an avid Volksmarcher. I belong to Texas County Walkers in Mesquite.
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