More Central Texas Letterboxing Fun

On our way up to the Dallas Arboretum we decided to do some letterboxing.  Our first stop was at Ozro Cemetery to plant a box. 

The historical marker text: In 1858 J.P. Gilmore and Richard D. Graves gave land for Pleasant Hill Methodist Episcopal Church, South, and for this burial ground. The earliest marked graves date from 1870. J.H.L. Jackson donated additional land in 1895. At that time, the cemetery served Nation Town, a thriving community with several stores and a school. The village was renamed Ozro in 1898, when that post office opened. After the International & Great Northern Railroad reached this area in 1902, many residents moved to Maypearl, and Ozro declined. Today the cemetery is the only remnant of its past.

We then followed the residents of Ozro and moved on to Maypearl.  We planted a box in the cemetery here also. 

DSCF3570 DSCF3571

Part of the historical marker text:  The community of Maypearl was established on the International and Great Northern Railroad line in 1903. The 1907 death of landowner William P. Wilemon and subsequent burial on his farm led Maypearl citizens to discuss the establishment of a cemetery for the community. Wilemon’s widow, Minnie, sold four acres of land, including the burial site of her husband, to trustees J. P. Claunch, A. W. Dowd and Isaac Griffith for that purpose.

There is an existing letterbox in Maypearl called “Brownie Elves at Church” which we stopped to look for.  We were successfully in collecting this stamp.

We continued on to the Oak Branch Cemetery.  It  is all that remains of the community of Oak, TX, which used to be between Maypearl and Waxahachie.  We planted a box here also.


After a wonderful visit to the Dallas Arboretum we stopped in Waxahatchie on the way home to do more letterboxing.  Our first attempt was for “Non-Scary Skeleton“.  It is listed in Rosemont Cemetery.  They are in the process of renaming the cemetery.  One side if finished the other is a work in progress.  We were successful in collecting this stamp.

DSCF3639 DSCF3638

Next we tried for “A Lion’s Paw“.  It was supposed to be by the soccer fields of Southwest Assemblies of God University.  It has gone missing. 

Our final fun search was for the new series located along the trail that starts in Getzendaner Memorial Park.  This is “Help the Avengers Series” and there were five boxes to look for.

  1.  Captain America’s Shield
  2. Hulk’s Strength
  3. Iron Man’s Mask
  4. Thor’s Hammer
  5. SHIELDs Bunker

This involves a stroll of about 3 miles (1 1/2 out and then back to your car) along a mostly paved hike/bike trail.  It does have a lot of traffic.  We were “first to find” on all of these boxes.  I think I was stealthy enough and no one saw us locate or rehide the boxes.

DSCF3640 DSCF3641 DSCF3642 DSCF3643





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Mother Neff State Park – 8/8/15

New Park Entrance above the flood plain.

New Park Entrance above the flood plain.

We went hunting for three letterboxes in the State Park. Our first attempt was for “Cranberry Cruiser”. We found the concrete table on the clues with no problem.

CCC built picnic table?

CCC built picnic table?

We found the double trunked tree, but no letterbox. While looking around the area I found a Geocache behind a tree about 10 feet away. This could be the reason the letterbox went missing.

Our next attempt was for “Bat box #2 Neff Bat”. This one was a little tricky as the first trail cut off said Pond Trail when I was expecting Bluff Loop Trail, but I eventually found Bluff Loop Trail and headed up it. I found the right place (I think). The clues called for a triple trunk white oak. I found a downed tree, a split tree, and a third tree. All close together. The downed tree was on the side the box should have been on. Could not find a box under the downed tree.

Not exactly a triple trunked tree.

Not exactly a triple trunked tree.

Our last attempt was for “1st TX State Park”. We found the container as described, but the log is full and the stamp is gone.

Before we left we hid one of mine along the Prairie Loop Trail. Please consider going to look for my Roadrunner.

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Four Letterboxes in San Antonio

We were headed down to do a volksmarch on the Salado Creek Greenway  so I check to see if there were any letterboxes.  I found that there were two letterboxes there.  We knew we’d be too tired after the volksmarch to look for them, so we did the letterboxing first.

A bronze compass rose disk embedded in the pavement at the trailhead gives direction, elevation, and coordination.

A bronze compass rose disk embedded in the pavement at the trailhead gives direction, elevation, and coordination.

Our first search was for “Sunflower”.  We had to go around a construction fence to find the trail, but we did it.  It was a steep climb but the view from the time was nice and there was a great breeze.  We scored a find. 

We scrambled back down the hill and headed out to find “Wildflowers”.  We almost gave up on this one, but it is there!  We scored another find. 

After the Volksmarch we headed over to Sunset Memorial Park to find two more boxes.  Was very glad we found a Subway to eat lunch first and cool off from our hike.

Our first search was for “Pompeo”  very interesting history about him was provided by Lone Star Quilter.  He has created many exceptional works of art including the white marble cenotaph in front of the Alamo titled “Spirit of Sacrifice”.

The monument to Pompeo .

This is a self portrait done by Pompeo.

This crypt is the final resting place of Pompeo and his wife.  He designed and built it while alive.

We found the box  and went looking for our next clue for “Alamo”.  It was this open bible. 

On the pages are engraved The Lord's Prayer,

On the pages are engraved The Lord’s Prayer,

We successfully found the letterbox and then turned our car toward home. 

On the way we stopped in Johnson City where I picked up my “LBJ” letterbox that had been turned into a Geocache.  Not sure how this happened as I found nothing near these coordinates on  How are they finding my box?   The log had several names.

The box retrieved we headed up to Marble Falls to replace my box which was damaged.  The stamp was broken and the log book was wet.  The box itself appeared fine.  Not sure how the water got inside to the logbook.  Anyway I replaced the whole thing.  Hopefully this container will hold up better than the last one.

All the carves were very well done.  Mine are just basic carves, these were all lovely, and great finds!


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More adventures in Central Texas

We took a break this weekend from our usual 10K Volkmarch to drive some back roads of Central Texas.  After a yummy breakfast at the Coffee Shop Café in McGregor we headed over to Patton Baptist Church (off TX-317).  It has an existing Waymark under the category of Texas Historical Markers.  I took pictures to log my visit and I plan to create a new waymark for the church itself under Country Churches.  I hid a new letterbox named “Country Church” for others to find.



We continued on over to Preston-McMurry Cemetery where I hid another letterbox.  This one is named “Thank You”.  I took pictures of the cemetery to create a waymark under Worldwide Cemeteries.


Our next stop was Poston-Odle Cemetery.  This cemetery has a Texas historical marker so after hiding my “Scared Rabbit” letterbox, I took pictures to of the marker and the cemetery.  I plan to create a waymarks under Worldwide Cemeteries and Texas Historical Markers.





We continued on to Searsville Baptist Church.  I was going to hide another letterbox here, but the gate was locked.  No good place along the busy roadway to hide a box.  I took pictures of the church and the Texas historical marker so I can create Waymarks under Country Churches and Texas Historical Markers.



There was a nearby Geocache (BCBR #105)  so I made an attempt at it.  It is a micro which means it only hold a log to record the find.  Surprisingly I found it and wrote my name on the log.

We headed into Valley Mills to take pictures of the First United Methodist Church and its historical marker to record finding those two Waymarks.  I never found the historical marker.  Will have to go back and try again now that I now it is on a separate brick post.


We stopped by at the wood shop to look for some cedar logs for Ed to make Christmas Presents with.  While he was chatting with the owners I headed over to take picture of the mural.  I can make it into a waymark too.


We headed north out of Valley Mills to visit the Texas Historical Marker for the original site of Valley Mills.  The town was moved to be along the railroad when it came through.  I took a picture to record another waymark found.


We continued on toward China Spring to the Rock Springs Cumberland Presbyterian Church to record the find of its Texas historical marker.  I took pictures of the church so I could create a waymark for it under Country Churches.  I hid another  letterbox here called “Book of Life”.

DSCF3328 DSCF3329 DSCF3330

Our last stop was supposed to be the China Spring Tabernacle to record visiting its Texas historical marker.  Again I took additional pictures so I can create a waymark for it under Municipal Community Centers.  We were going to leave a letterbox there but it was way too exposed.



So we headed by to the China Spring Cemetery we had passed on the way here.  Hurray, another waymark in the form of a Texas historical marker in the cemetery.  Took a picture of it and found a place to hide my letterbox which I named “Whoot Owl” .



We had a fun day planting 5 letterboxes, hunting for one “real” geocache, collecting 6 waymarks and taking pictures to create 9 new waymarks.



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Adventures in Central Texas

With a Friday off we decided to do a day trip around Central Texas and do some Waymarking (virtual geocaching where you take a picture to record your visit) and Letterboxing.  We headed south to Salado.  Our first stop was at the public library to collect these three waymarks.  Under the category of Citizen Memorials was a sculpture entitled “In Memory of Betty Jane McConnell”.


and there was an old school bell entitled “In Memory of Ruth Howe”.


Also at the library was a Dedicated Benches called “Dedicated to All Who Serve”.


We left the library and headed over to the another waymark under the Sculpture Gardens category entitled “Salado Sculpture Garden”.


None of the sculptures inside are waymarks (at least not yet.  I entered a couple of them) but here are the pictures.

DSCF3240 DSCF3241 DSCF3242 DSCF3243

While there I checked on my letterbox “Fish Face” and found it safe and in good condition.  I then looked for “Museful Mouse” but did not find it.

We headed back up to Temple where I planned to hide a box I’d named “Bird Watcher’s Delight”.  We arrived at Little Flock Cemetery and since it was a waymark under both Worldwide Cemeteries and Texas Historical Markers, I have pictures to prove I was there.

DSCF3248 DSCF3249

Sadly my letterbox at this location is not to be.  It is now a time capsule.  I was checking to see if it would rest in the middle of a hollow tree and I thought it was a snug fit, but when I let go it dropped (about 4 feet) and was totally unreachable.  So if the plastic outlast the tree, whoever chops it down may find a letterbox which may astound and amaze them!

We moved on to look for another letterbox called “Silent Awareness” which was at the ground of the Old Settlers and Veterans Association of Falls County.  This is about half way between Lott and MarlinIt was an interesting place with a historical marker (not a waymark yet).  It is falling in disrepair.  Hope they fix it up.  We successfully found this box and collected a very cute stamp!


We headed back into Waco were we went over to Oakwood Cemetery to look for a letterbox called “Cemetery Icons”.  This is a series with 4 stamps.  I’d already found three of the stamps and today I was looking for the fourth entitled “Hand Pointing Up”.  Unfortunately the bush it was supposed to be in, was empty.

So we had a fun day trip touring around Central Texas.


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Letterboxing the Northwest

We had a busy trip to Washington and Oregon doing the Volksmarching Convention walking events, but I did find a few minutes to do some letterboxing.

Monday, 6-15, we did a 13K event at Silver Falls State Park (beautiful). Then we headed up the Columbia River Gorge to see the other waterfalls. Our first stop was for a letterbox in Troutdale, OR. We successfully found “Historic Columbia River Highway 30“. We continued on along the scenic highway to Corbett where we found “Vista House“. It was a double treat it had a hitchhiker. “A Girl’s Day Out” by Darkstar was waiting for a ride to a new location. Our last letterbox that day was “Bridal Veil Post Office” in where else but Bridal Veil. Once again we had a treat. “Hippity Hop” by Evermore was waiting to move on.

The next day after doing an event at Fort Vancouver we headed south into the Oregon hill country to Corvallis where we found “Red Red Heart“.

On the 18th we headed to Lincoln City for an event. We took Hwy 101 just for fun and stopped at Depoe Bay. We had a little trouble with this one, but finally found it. It is a very cute stamp too, so I’m glad we did. “You Otter See This!” was found in good condition.

On the 19th after walking in Salem we were headed north to our walk for Saturday which was at Mt. Saint Helens. We stopped off in Kalama to look for “I-5 Lady Liberty” and found it too.

So we didn’t look for many, but we found all we did look for.

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Letterboxing Longview, TX 6/6/15

We were in town for a 10K Volksmarching Event. So I brought along a stamp that I named “Great Texas Balloon Race” in honor of Longview hosting a hot air balloon race for 32 years. We also had four boxes we planned to look for done by Stitches in Longview.

Our first search was for two inside the Library called “The Nicholson Legacy (2)

Longview Public Library

Longview Public Library


They were very cleverly hidden, and we successfully found them both. Our next search was for “Our Protectors” which was just outside the library.

Last but not least we looked for “4-H” at the Maud Cobb Activity Center.
Which is a lovely place that I’m glad we got to visit. It wasn’t part of our walk route so we’d have missed it otherwise.




We left my box in Greenwood Cemetery.


We had a great time in Longview!

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