Letterboxing and Waymarking – Hempstead, Brenham, and Giddings

On our way home from Thanksgiving we did lots of waymarking and a little letterboxing.

Hempstead Waymarking and Letterboxing


This tower provides a permanent home for the bell and clock which were functional adornments on the 1894 Waller County Texas Courthouse.


Waller County Centennial marker from 1936 on the courthouse lawn.


“Modern” 1955 Waller County Courthouse


Ahrenbeck-Urban Home – A plaque and medallion tells that its original owner was one of the city’s mayors during the Reconstruction Era.


A Sesquicentennial marker at the Union Army P.O.W. Cemetery Memorial Park near Hempstead, denoting the history of the now-defunct nearby cemetery for Union Army prisoners of war, most of whom were imprisoned at the nearby Camp Groce.

Nearby was a letterbox which we found in good condition.  Thanks for the treasure hunt!

Brenham Waymarking


The Brenham High School gymnasium was constructed by the Works Progress Administration (WPA) in 1939-40.


St. Mary’s Catholic Church (1935-36) in Renaissance Revival architectural style.


Sam Houston in Indian War Paint flanked by the Texas Flag and the American Flag.


Washington County Courthouse in Brenham is a typical example of the WPA funded courthouses. It features Art Deco/Moderne style ornaments and was built in 1939-40.


Washington County Courthouse Gazebo was built in 1976 to celebrate America’s birthday.


Aluminum Eagles on the Courthouse.


Police Officer Memorial


Veteran’s Memorial

Giddings Letterboxing and Waymarking


First United Methodist Church from 1957 has a metal bell tower that is topped with three crosses.


First Presbyterian Church, built in 1886, is the oldest Church building in Giddings still in use.


Beautiful Lee County Courthouse was built in 1899 of red brick and white limestone.


The courthouse clocks have in working order!


Lee County Centennial marker from 1936 on the courthouse lawn.


Veteran memorial on the lawn of the Lee County Courthouse.


The Lee County Heritage Center is located in circa 1879 Fletcher Home with is listed on the National Register of Historical Places.


Fountain in front of the First National Bank on East Austin street in Giddings.


WPA mural entitled “Cowboys Receiving the Mail,” was completed in 1939 and has hung in the WPA post office ever since.


WPA constructed Post Office is still in use.


Mural depicting 1920 train travel is on the wall of the restored Houston & Texas Central Railroad Freight Depot.


Gidding’s City Cemetery hold the grave of “Wild Bill” Longley, a gunfighter who claimed to have killed 32 men.  He was hung in Giddings in 1878.

I did a letterbox for “Wild Bill” and hid it in the cemetery.  It is not at his grave because there wasn’t a hiding place.  But it is within walking distance.


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Letterboxing in Central Texas 7/23/16

We went to College Station to do a volksmarching event (urban hike).  Since we were in the area we took the opportunity to do some Letterboxing and Waymarking in College Station and Bryan.  First we  went to visit Lick Creek Park. 


As you can see from this sign, the area we needed to access is closed.  The boxes may or may not be there when it reopens.


Since I had a box to hide, we went ahead and parked in the equestrian area and hiked down this trail for a ways to leave Bruin behind.


Our next stop was at Veterans Park and Athletic Complex.  This visit took longer than expected because I found that the park held eight war memorials in addition to the letterboxes I was seeking. I wanted to see them all.


Veteran’s Memorial Park #1 – Army was found near this memorial.  Unfortunately, the lid was broken and the box was full of water.  The stamp was gone and there was a toy in the box.  A Geocacher has raided this box.

Veteran’s Memorial Park #2- Air Force could not be retrieved as there was lots of people there watching a soccer game.


We found Lest We Forget letterbox in good condition near this historical statue.


Leaving there we stopped by Booneville Cemetery.  This cemetery served the town of Boonville, which was the first county seat of Brazos County.  It now a ghost town that is inside the Bryan City Limits.


We found this stamp also in good condition.  They are building a historical park here with statues of Sam Houston and others.  Worth the visit even if you aren’t looking for the letterbox.

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Wasting Speedball (pink speedy carve rubber)

Stamp Carving Rubber comes in sheets like this.

Stamp Carving Rubber comes in sheets like this.

There are two sides to the hobby of Letterboxing.  There is the fun of seeking a letterbox to collect the stamp imprint in your logbook, and there is the fun of carving a stamp and then hiding for others to find.

Not all stamp carvings are created equal. We can’t all be talented artists. But it is fun and relaxing thing to do, so I do it. Unfortunately for the seeker when they find my boxes they don’t get a beautiful stamp. They do however get one that is unique.  LOL

I’m going to tell you what I was attempting to carve in case you can’t guess. My first attempt was a black panther. This turned out as one of my better ones.



I got a little more adventuresome and tried for a rattlesnake. I saw this one in a junk shop.  It was holding a potted plant, but I removed the plant and took it’s picture so I could try my hand at carving it.


I had a small piece of rubber and not wanting to waste it I went looking for something long and thin to make it into. I came up with a mermaid.


While out surfing the internet for a picture I came across a couple of bears, so I decided to make them also. I did them in different ways and I definitely like the walking bear better than the sitting bear, although neither of them are that great.



I also saw a fox on the internet, and in my rendition it looks like it’s seen a ghost!  The eyes are way too big.

Scared Fox

Scared Fox

All this carving left me with yet another long skinny chunk of speedball, so I made a scary Halloween face.

Scary Smile

Scary Smile

If you are interested in learning about stamp carving there is another blogger that explained the procedure very well so I’ll just refer you rather than repeat.     Stamp Carving

Now that I’ve gotten all these treasures carved, the next step is to get them a logbook and a suitable waterproof container.  After that I will find them homes in parks, cemeteries and other out of the way places.  Hopefully not near any geocaches.  If the letterbox is mistaken for a geocache they will take your stamp and leave you a trinket in exchange.  This is a tragedy to be avoided.

Once you’ve found a good home for your letterbox you then have to go online and post the clues on how to find it.  Because that is where the fun is, having others find them and post it online.

There are two websites for tracking letterboxes and I post my clues to both. Letterboxing.org is the original website and the newcomer is AtlasQuest.com. Membership in both is free but you do need to set up an account.

I thoroughly enjoy getting posts from letterboxers that they have found my boxes.  And bless everyone of them who seek my boxes because as you can see the stamps are “unique”.  But unique is good because letterboxers really dislike “store bought” stamps.

We would enjoy having more letterboxers join the sport.  Just get yourself a stamp to use as your “signature”, set up an account online, and start hunting and/or hiding letterboxes. You can do one or the other, or both like I do.

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Letterboxing in/around Bee Cave, TX

Charro Ranch Park


This is a small park between Dripping Springs and Driftwood.  I’ve planted a couple of boxes here and Silver Eagle has added a new one so I needed to go find “Jack Hays“.  We were successful in our search.

Phillips Cemetery – Dripping Springs


This Cemetery is the largest and most often used cemetery serving the Dripping Springs area. It is well-kept, fenced, and has a double entrance gate. Over the gate is a very nice sign with the name of the cemetery on it.  We created a Worldwide Cemeteries Waymark for it, and since it didn’t have a box yet, I left one behind.  I named it “Big Ears“.

Founder’s Park – Dripping Springs


This is an interesting park with a museum and farmstead if you have time to visit it.  We created a Municipal Parks and Plazas Waymark for it.  We went there seeking another one of Silver Eagle’s boxes.   “Dr. Pound” was found, but the logbook was soggy.  I didn’t have one to replace it with but I did tuck in a silica packet to dry it out.


This is a moderate/expensive local restaurant.  Verde’s is advertised as being kid friendly with great food.  It wasn’t open when we got there.  We’ve never eaten there.  The box we were looking for was ” Verde’s” planted by Princess S.  unfortunately it was gone.

Bee Cave Elementary School

This elementary school is part of the Lake Travis Independent School District.  It was a weekend so there was no one around to observe us.  This box belongs to Esterbelle and is  her “Chick of the Month – August” box.  Unfortunately it was gone.

White Rock Cemetery


Small cemetery with 306 graves.  We added a Worldwide Cemeteries Waymark for it.  We were there looking for “Who Loves Letterboxing?” another box by Princess S and “Two Sisters” by Delmark Trio.

We found both in good condition.  There was also a hitch hiker named “I. Marie Budding Artist” in Two Sister, so I picked it up and will move it along to a new home.

Spanish Oaks Park


This is a small park with historical buildings.  It has a sign that says for Spanish Oaks Residents but we went ahead and parked to look for “The Mysterious DOGTROT” by Cancan.  The weeds were deep in that area and although I tramped them down as best I could, I didn’t find the box.

Shops at the Galleria


This is a shopping center with a Lowe’s, Best Buy, etc.  There were two boxes here to locate.  “Bee Cave Bob” was left by Princess S and “You Rock, Baby Rhino!” was left by Easterbelle.  This is a nice trail and after we found the two boxes we continued on down the trail to see where it led.


Bee Cave Central Park

A new 50 acre park that opened in 2009.  It is open from 8am to 30 minutes before Sunset.  We were going to created a Municipal Parks and Plazas Waymark for it too.  However, the park was closed for a kite flying event.  We were there to find “Baseball Goofy” another plant by Princess S but gave it up because of the huge crowd there.

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San Marcos Letterboxing

San Marcos City Cemetery

Our volksmarch took into the cemetery by the back way so we had to orient ourselves to follow the clue instructions.


We spotted this doe while we were searching for the right location.


Spotted this home made cemetery marker too.


We found Circle Tour 2008 – Hill Country, TX which is amazing considering how long it has been hidden.  It was in good condition too. 

We next looked for Cecil Tex Hughson which was a bust.  It said to find the corner with the wire fence.  Did there used to we wire here to complete the corner?  Anyway we think this was the right corner.  But we still didn’t find the box.


After completing the volksmarch, we ate lunch and then headed over to find Presidio San Marcos De Neve.  This is a really interesting location with the markers as described in the clue.

DSCF6893 DSCF6892 DSCF6894

Unfortunately the bush described in the clue has been cut and the box is gone.

DSCF6896 DSCF6895

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Central Texas Letterboxes & Waymarking

 On our way to do a Volksmarching event we did some other stuff.

Plantersville Waymarking

St. Mary's Catholic Church

St. Mary’s Catholic Church

Fountain in front of the Church.

Fountain in front of the Church.

Historical Marker for the Church.

Historical Marker for the Church.

Beautiful insides.

Beautiful insides.

Painted Churches are so pretty.

Painted Churches are so pretty.

Close up of one of the decorations.

Close up of one of the decorations.

Angels above the alter.

Angels above the alter.

Stained Glass Window

Stained Glass Window

Organ at the back of the church.

Organ at the back of the church

Labyrinth by the church.

Labyrinth by the church.

 Letterboxing in Montgomery Cemetery

There are three boxes located in the cemetery.  We found all three.

AC/DC is listed on both Atlas Quest and Letterboxing. Father of our Flag is listed on Atlas Quest.  Glotz is listed on Letterboxing.

Historical Marker was one of the clues.

Historical Marker was one of the clues.

Grave of the man who designed the Texas Flag.

Grave of the man who designed the Texas Flag.

 Waymarking in Montgomery

Not all of the waymarks were along the walk route, so after we finished the walk we drove around to collect the others.

Heritage Place Clock

Heritage Place Clock

Historical Marker for the old Methodist Church cemetery.

Historical Marker for the old Methodist Church cemetery.

Historical marker on a building that was once the Town Hall and was also the Post Office.

Historical marker on a building that was once the Town Hall and was also the Post Office.

This is now a museum, it was once a school.

This is now a museum, it was once a school.

Letterboxing in College Station

We picked out three letterboxes to look for on the way home.  All of these are listed on Atlas Quest. First we looked for Gabbard Duck, which is located in a small city park.  We found it.

Information on the Park.

Information on the Park.

Next we looked for Providence Church at the Providence Church Historic Site.  We were looking for the box when another lady drove up.  We stopped our search and went over to talk to her.  She said she was there looking for a box and I assumed she meant the letterbox.  I introduced myself and got her name “Marsha”  she said her user name was “ahsram” which is her name backwards.  So we looked for the box together.  After I found the box and stamped in, she said she didn’t use a stamp.  She only signed the logs. 

Now I’m very suspicious.  I did not find that user name online.  I think she was actually there looking for a geocache and just went along with the search until we left before looking for the geocache she was actually looking for. 

The letterbox was in a muddy location due to the recent rains and there are also briars.  I hope she didn’t go back and take the box after we left.

Interest map

Interesting map

Our last box was Christmas Bear Hunt at Richard Carter Park, which was also a good place to waymark.  We found the box.

Park Entrance.

Park Entrance, I added a waymark for the Park.

Information pavilion.

Information pavilion.

Restored well.

Restored well.

Plaque for where the cabin used to be.

Plaque for where the cabin used to be.

Restored cemetery

Restored cemetery is now a waymark.

"Staking a Claim" statue in the park.

“Staking a Claim” statue in the park.  This Waymark is still pending approval.

Waymarking in Hearne

We stopped by the old Railroad Depot in Hearne to make it into a waymark.  So far it is listed under the category of news article location, but it is pending under Trail Depot, Relocated Structure, and Museum also.  Interesting place with helpful and informative volunteer inside to tell you all about it.

DSCF6836 DSCF6824

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Letterboxing/Waymarking South Texas Day 3

 We completed the volksmarch in McAllen then headed out to collect some waymarks.  We didn’t have any letterboxes to look for in McAllen. 


Our first stop was at the Veterans War Memorial.  Someone has listed it under the category of  “Vietnam Memorial” which it is, but it is so much more.  I couldn’t resist adding a waymarks under the following categories.

DSCF6548 DSCF6549 DSCF6555 DSCF6566 DSCF6565




News Article Locations


Figurative Public Sculpture

DSCF6552 DSCF6553

George Washington

DSCF6561 DSCF6563

Statues of Historic Figures

DSCF6557 DSCF6556

Our second stop was at Roselawn Cemetery  where the gate was locked and there was a private property sign.  No wandering around this cemetery.


Our third stop was at 15th and Erie.  There was supposed to be a Catholic Church there.  There was not.  The Waymark coordinates were incorrect.  But we parked there anyway and went walking around town.

We found collected the waymark for the Post Office. 


We continued north and collected waymarks for Archer Park and the old hotel. 


I added a waymark for the gazebo and the fountain. 

DSCF6571 DSCF6573 DSCF6575 DSCF6578

We turned west to look for some murals but didn’t find them.  Nearby was an old Southern Pacific Railroad Depot, so I added a waymark for it. 

DSCF6579 DSCF6583

We next went looking for the vintage movie theatre Cine El Rey so I could add a waymark for it. 


From there we were heading back to our parked car when low and behold we found the Catholic Church. 

DSCF6590 DSCF6591

That was all the fun I had planned for McAllen so we headed toward home.


We stopped in Edinburgh to take pictures of the courthouse so I could add a waymark for it. 


While walking around the courthouse I found the following waymarks. 

DSCF6593 DSCF6595 DSCF6596 DSCF6597 DSCF6599 DSCF6601

We also passed by the old jail and the vintage movie theatre.

DSCF6603 DSCF6602


A couple miles up the road we stopped to collect pictures of the San Antonio and Aransas Pass Railway Depot so I could make it into a waymark.


I also added a vintage movie theatre:  Rialto Theatre


Our last stop in Alice was to take pictures of the Jim Wells County Courthouse so I could create a waymark for it.



Our next stop was to take pictures of Our Lady of Refuge Catholic Church to add a waymark of it.

DSCF6615 DSCF6617a

We next visited the park to take pictures of the Smithsonian Art Inventory Sculpture  to make a waymark out of it.  “Memorial to King’s Men”  is a monument to Captain Amon B. King and his men who were captured and then executed by General Jose Urrea during the Goliad Campaign in 1836.

DSCF6625 DSCF6626












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