Letterboxing in Austin, TX

The volksmarching event this weekend was in Gruene, TX.  I left behind a box there.  Hopefully it will get found at least once before it disappears.  On the way home we stopped by Reed Park just off the MOPAC in Austin to hunt for a letterboxing series by Origami Hen.

We parked near this historic site.

DSCF1969 DSCF1968

We headed off into the woods to look for the first box in the series.  If you see this rock ledge, you took the wrong path.  LOL

We backtracked and found the correct path and collected the first box: Origami Series #1 – Airplane


We continued searching and saw this neat broken branch standing along the trail.


We found the next two boxes:  Origami Series #2 – Star Box and Origami Series #3 – Flapping Bird.  As we continued on we came to the opening with a view of the canal.  Very nice homes here.


We continued on and found the last box:  Origami Series #4 – Boat.

Then we had a nice stroll back to the woods to where our car was parked.  Even with the recent rains the path in the woods wasn’t muddy.  Nice area.  Fun hunt.


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Letterboxing the Texas Panhandle

On our way to the Dumas Volksmarching Event we detoured to look for a couple of boxes. The first was Up the Trail at Doans, Tx.  But it was missing.  We enjoyed visiting this historic site.  It was an interesting place.

Historic Doan's Store

Historic Doan’s Store

We went on to Altus to look for Waterbird Missile. It was a small town and the box should have been in this park, in this tree.  But we didn’t find it.


We went on and did the Dumas 10K. The next day we did a 10K in Channing. After the volksmarch we went to the cemetery and looked for The Rolling Courthouse. Yeah, we found it.


We drove back to Dumas where we spent the night.  With plenty of time still we visited the  Windows on the Plains Museum.  We spent time inside as well as wondering around the outside.  We found the Texas Ranger letterbox inside.


The next morning we headed to Stafford to do the 10K there so we paused on the way to look for Cactus, TX letterbox in Cactus, Tx. Unfortunately the sign the letterbox was supposed to be hidden by was gone. No way to locate the box.

From TexasEscapes Website.

From TexasEscapes Website.

After doing the volksmarch in Stafford we looked for The Stratford Station which was a cute little gingerbread building. Unfortunately, the box was gone.


We headed on over to the Stratford Cemetery where I left behind a box The Stratford Pheasant. Stratford claims to be the pheasant capital of Texas.


We then moved on to Dalhart where we would be spending the next night.  We had some time to kill so we went looking for  The Empty Saddle.  Not only did we not find the letterbox (in the cemetery); we didn’t find the actual sculpture.  They are widening the highway and it has been taken down.  According to locals it is being refurbished and will be placed in a new location after the highway construction is complete.


The next day we walked Dalhart, and spent another night before heading south to Tascosa (Boys Ranch) to do a walk. It was an interesting place. While there I planted Deadly Duck at Tascosa Boot Hill cemetery.


Leaving the Boys Ranch we drove to Abilene to spend the night.  Before heading on home the next morning we looked for Flitter Flutter in the Cemetery. Found it.  We also saw this memorial in the cemetery.


We were going through Dublin so we stopped to look for I’m a Pepper but it was gone.

Clue to the box was this poem.

Clue to the box was this poem.

This is where the box should have been.

This is where the box should have been.

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Letterboxing Mineral Wells and Wichita Falls

We were heading out to North Texas to do some volksmarching events.  We took a break in Mineral Wells to look for some boxes.


Our first search was for the Meandering Moose in Elmwood Cemetery.  Success.

Next we looked for Laumdronat (their spelling on the building) which was hidden near an actual Laundromat that is also a Washing Machine Museum.  Before we looked for the stamp we toured the museum (free).  We found the box.  Yeah.

Next we headed over to look for Crazy Water at the Famous Mineral Water Company.  We found it too.

After this travel break we headed on up to Wichita Falls.  We looked for two in the Riverside Cemetery.

First we looked for Where’s George Series Box #27: Longhorn and had success.

Then we looked for V – Texas Governor’s Series which was for the 33rd Governor of Texas, James Allred. Above is his marker which we found with ease.


The cactus/rock garden gave us a little bit of trouble, but we finally located it.  From there is was an easy find for the box.

It was a great day of letterboxing.

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Letterboxing Adventures – Hiding Boxes




I began letterboxing in July 2013 (or there abouts).  Since then I have hidden 82 Traditional boxes for others to find.  Let me say that it has taken me awhile to learn good places and practices for hiding them because I have had mixed results.

During my first six months of hiding letterboxes, I placed twenty-five boxes.  Seven of them went missing.  Three of the missing ones were gone even before the first person went looking for them.  The other four had one finder each before they disappeared.  I’ve learned that you can’t trust that trees and bushes won’t be trimmed and that in the base of a tree near a active walking path isn’t a good hiding place.

But why do the boxes go missing?   Well, two of the boxes were spoiled by Geocachers who took the stamps and left behind a trinket.  Like the stamp below that was hidden at Enchanted rock.

Happy Birthday

The reason for the other five remains a mystery.  I wonder if perhaps a walker with a dog might have found those at ground level (and not under rocks) while on the trail I picked?  But why didn’t the dog owners rehide the boxes after seeing what their pet had found?   The stamp below was along a trail in Navasota.  Found once, the second attempt revealed a plastic milk jug in the place of the box with the stamp.

Sieur de la Salle

Another option could be a wild animal (squirrel or raccoon) carried them off? Who knows. But the moral is always put under a rock even if inside a hollow tree trunk.

Of the 82 Traditional boxes I’ve planted, I’ve left some of them in out of the way places.   Not a good idea, as twenty of them have never been looked for.  Others that I left at locations along I-35 have been found multiple times, and receiving notice of the find is what makes hiding them fun.

During this same time period I have also done 12 Hitchhikers.  Hitchhikers are different in that you place your small stamp in an already established box.  Then the person looking for that box finds the additional Hitchhiker and is supposed to take it and move it along to another box.

Of my Hitchhikers only 5 have been reported found and moved.  It is really fun to see where they go.  One has made it from Texas to Florida!

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Forrest Fenn Treasure Hunt

Erika Angulo, NBC News

Erika Angulo, NBC News

This is not a letterbox with a stamp.  This is an actual treasure.  Now this is a box worth finding.

I read about this on another blog and went out and googled it and found this. Apparently it is real.

Clues to the Treasure

The clues are too cryptic for me, but thought I’d share the information. Good luck!

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Letterboxing in Carrollton, TX

We were in Carrollton to do a volksmarching event so we looked for one letterbox while we where there.

We looked for this box Little Box on the Prairie.


We parked here.


Crossed over this bridge and walked for about a quarter of a mile.


We found the trees in the old fence row.  Note the wire along base of this tree.  We looked at all the trees but didn’t find a box.


During our volksmarch we kept a watch for locations to hide a box.  We plan to come back in the fall to walk the volksmarch again and hide some of our own along the hike/bike trail .

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Letterboxing in Copperas Cove, TX

The volksmarching event this weekend was in Corpus Christi, too far to go unless I took Friday off.  Since I’m saving my vacation days to collect new counties here in Texas
(see my blog about that.), I stayed home and went letterboxing instead.

Copperas Cover (home of zturtle) is only an hour an a half away and it has 12 letterboxes listed, so I was enthused to go find them all.

Our first stop was South Park to look for Aawgh. It was just a short stroll to the location and the box was there and in good shape. We moved on to Pioneer Walker Cemetery.



There we were in luck again and scored Ari’s Cross. From there we moved on to Ogletree Gap Park, which is a very interesting place with a historic building and marker.



Marker tells you that this was the original location of Copperas Cove and this building  was at one time a Stagecoach stop and a post office. After looking that over we headed out for the 10 boxes hidden in this park.



This hidey hole was empty.  We didn’t find this box.






We found seven of the ten listed boxes. I think the city has done some remodeling of the park. The road appeared to have been recently graded and I think the location of one of the boxes may have been cleared.

In any case it was a beautiful day in Copperas Cove. It was 55 degrees when we started and 69 when we finished! It was a great day to be out and about.

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