Letterboxing Arlington, TX 12/6/2014


While on the way to do a volksmarching event in Arlington we stopped at the Arlington Baptist College to look for a letterbox with a most interesting story.  You should go out on AtlasQuest.com and read it.  The name of the box is “From Poker to Preachers”.  We found the box in good shape and I added a new logbook.  Great location and carve.


From there we headed over to the Arlington Convention Center.


We were looking for “A Christmas Tree Came to Convention”. We found it also in good condition.

We continued to the walk start and I carried a box along the walk to plant. I left my box along the Johnson Creek Trail. It is called “Friends”.

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Letterboxing Fort Belknap 11/29/2014

Upside down marker

Upside down marker

Where the marker used to be.

Where the marker used to be.

Distance from marker to base location.

Distance from marker to base location.

On the way home from a Volksmarching event in Seymour we stopped to do letterboxing at Fort Belknap.  Our first search was for “Camp Van Camp” which was at a Texas Historical Marker for Fort Belknap.  When we pulled in we saw the marker upside down with orange paint around it.  We could see where it used to sit and we searched the area in the hopes of finding the box but we were not successful.  It appears that there was a horrific vehicle wreck here.  The vehicle had to be flying to move the marble monument that far from its base.

We continued on over to Fort Belknap to search for “Jumble Game 24“.  But is was gone also.



We continued our treasure hunt by searching for “Fort Belknap“.  Yeah! We were successful this time.


Our next treasure hunt was for “Fort Belknap to Fort Phantom Hill Military Road“.  It should have been in the center of a large cedar tree near the entry gate.  Just to be sure we looked at all of them on both sides of the gate.  But with no success.  All were empty.

DSCF0673 DSCF0672 DSCF0671

We had one last box to look for ” Fort Belknap to Fort Worth Military Road”. We struck gold once again.


After our efforts we passed this nice covered picnic area to use the restroom facilities before heading on home.


Our total for the day was searched for five, found two.

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Borger, Amarillo and Pampa TX Nov 03-04, 2014

We were headed up to Borger to do the volksmarch and PRONGHORN letterbox was on the way. It was just beginning to get light when we arrived at the spot.


The box is getting brittle and the lid broke when we pried it off. It was a nice stamp. We put the lid back on and it seemed tight but the next person is going to have trouble getting it off.

Right across the street from the walk start was our second box – Pump Jack Projects. It was there and in good condition.


After completing the walk we headed north toward Stinnet to pick up Swamp Gas in the Desert. Cute stamp near this rest stop.


We headed back into Amarillo and looked for Lizzie Mae’s letterbox. It was at a very nice store and we dropped some cash shopping there after collecting the stamp.





With more time on our hands we headed over to the Amarillo Zoo to look for Amarillo zoo letterbox. It is listed near the Spider Monkeys but we didn’t find it.


The next day after walking in Pampa we went looking for A Musical Fence which is in the newer part of town. It says you can’t miss the fence, but we did! Stopped to ask for directions twice before finding it. It isn’t exactly along the highway…. keep a lookout further back from the road!



The box was full of water and the stamp was slimy, but it cleaned up well and I got a good print. Dried the box as best we could and put it back. The log was only damp, not mushy or moldy (yet). Didn’t have any way to dry it out.

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Around Amarillo, TX 11/02/2014

After doing the Volkmarch in Amarillo we headed out to look for some Letterboxes.
First we looked for St. Martin de Porres Church. The trees had been trimmed and the box was nowhere to be found.



We next headed out to find Floating Mesa which was really neat to see. You can see the mesa before you get to the letterbox. The box was open and scattered. The box and lid were both broken but surprisingly the bag and its contents were intact. We found a new container for the bag and it’s there waiting for the next treasure hunter.


We then went hunting for Shorty was here! – Texas. It was an easy find. Our next box was Ozymandias in Texas. It was a sad sight to see it defaced with graffiti.





This box is in need of replacement too but for now everything is there and dry. We moved on to look for Armadillo in Amarillo. There was a huge crowd there watching a soccer game but as far as I could tell no one paid us any mind. Very cute stamp.

We moved on to the cemetery to look for Bony and Banded . Drove around the circle a couple times before we found the right spot but it is there and in good shape.

Our last hunt was for 72 oz. The tree is getting overgrown and you have to really stretch to get back under there but it’s there waiting for you to find.


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Conway and Panhandle, TX 11/01/2014

On the way to do a Volksmarching event in Panhandle we stopped in Conway to score a couple of boxes.  First we looked for and found the VW SLUG BUG RANCH.

Left my mark on one of the bugs.

Left my mark on one of the bugs.

Box is near here

Box is near here

After stamping this one we went to look for RACING TO HELL. It says it is near an antique store but everything is closed here. Surprised the fence is still there.


The box is still there too. We moved on to do the walk in Panhandle. After the walk we went looking for the MAKE NEW FRIENDS box there, left by the brownie girl scout troupe. It was an easy find. Hope they enjoyed their box and keep letterboxing in the future.


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Texas Hill Country Letterboxing 10-25-14

We did an overnight down to the Texas Hill Country.  We did a volksmarch in Waring and then headed out to letterbox on our way to Kerrville where we planned to spend the night.

Our first stop was in Comfort to look for Where’s Hermann?   We found the location with the marker. Very sad to reflect on what happened here.

Memorial to young campers who died in flash flood.

Memorial to young campers who died in flash flood.

We found the box and the cute stamp. We headed on toward Kerrville coming to Center Point. There are two boxes in the cemetery there.


First we looked for 13th Floor Elevators 2. We found the clue.


We found the box and stamp. We continued on to look for Texas Ranger Cemetery. We found the building and the box. Inside was a nice stamp but very large. I had a little trouble getting it all inked.

Also inside was a hitch hiker. One I’d already had before. I brought it to Texas from Wyoming and left it in Kerrville a few months back. Now I found it again so I will relocate it. I went onto AtlasQuest to record the find. It won’t let me record it again. It just replaced the first date with the current date. Probably because the person in between didn’t log their find. I’ve been having trouble with Letterboxing.org but finally got online to record it there also.  This particular hitchiker had started out in New Jersey.  I think it is a shame the finders never recorded it so the starter would know about it’s journey.

So we had a really good time. We looked for three and found four!!   I didn’t plant any this trip.  I don’t know if it’s politically correct but I picked up two boxes I’d planted in Waring and retired them.  I will plant them somewhere else.  It has been a year and no one looked for them so I’m guessing Waring is too far off the beaten path.

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