Hunting Treasure in Weatherford and Aledo, Texas

Four of us headed up to Weatherford to do the Year Round Event (Volksmarch) aka walking tour.  There were some boxes along our walk route which goes through Greenwood cemetery.  First we looked for “Oliver Loving” and were successful.


Next was “A Frugal Man – Texas Governor’s Series”.  We found that one also.


Mary Martin of Peter Pan fame is also buried nearby.  There wasn’t a box for her here, so I hid one.  I named it “My Shadow” since Peter Pan lost his.


 We then searched for Bose Ikard.

It should have been in this cedar tree under some rocks.  The rocks were on the grond nearby but the box wasn’t in the cedar tree.


Out walk continued through town and then to Chandor Gardens where three boxes were listed.


The first one should have been here, but it was missing.


The Second one we found near here.  The third one was also missing.

After finishing up the walk we drove over to the Public Library where a box used to be.  It was already reported missing, but I wanted to see Mary Martin’s statue anyway so we went to give it a look.


The box was listed as being in a cedar tree.  I’m guessing this is all that remains of the cedar.


We then went in search of “Bobcat” at Love Street Park.  We found the Bobcat but got scratched up in the process.  Beware, his lair is protected by thorns.

We next searched for “I can carve too! Box 1 Cherry Park”.  We found the box near the pool.


We then headed over to find “Spirit Guardians: Box 1 Curtis Cemetery”.  We found it also.


Leaving Weatherford behind we headed over to the East Parker County Library in Aledo.  One is inside the library and the library was closed so we didn’t even get to look for it.  We did find “Cat in the Hat” and “25 Years of the East Parker County Library”.


So we ended the day with eight out of the eleven boxes found.  A very good day.

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Rant against Geocachers

Stolen Stamp

Stolen Stamp

Yet another of my letterboxes have been despoiled by Geocachers.  Serious question:  Can’t Geocachers read?  My letterbox container was clearly marked “Letterbox”.  Yet someone took my rubber stamp and left a plastic toy soldier.  Did they make the toy soldier?  No they probably bought a bag of them at dollar general.  I spent hours carving that stamp.

I’ve found geocaches while searching for letterboxes.  I have until now returned them to their hiding places.  But I think in the future I may just toss them in the trash!

But that isn’t the Christian thing to do is it.  After all two wrongs don’t make a right.

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Letterboxing Lake Livingston State Park


There was not Volksmarching event this weekend so we chose to do the Year Round Event at Lake Livingston State Park.  The boxes were along the walk route but will not list them in the order we attempted/found them because that would give the next hunter too much of a clue.  Below is just a view of the kind of trails you will encounter at the park.  Nice area.


“BEE HAPPY” - Clue says it is behind a stump, and it was.  Yeah!  Record a find.

COZY CAMPFIRE – This one’s directions need correcting.  The trees it refers to are now stumps, but we found it.  DSCF9261

This box was in need of attention, but I’d only brought one spare logbook so I couldn’t do more then pore out the water.  Stamp was still good.


DRIP, DRIP, DROP – Sends us to this log with the knothole.


The box is supposed to be between the log and the small tree behind it.  Unfortunately if the box was there it has been pushed under the log by the tree which is now grown tightly against it.  Recorded another attempt.

“HI” – Clue says it is off the horse trail.  I forgot to take pictures.  When we didn’t find it on one side we tried the other in case of “intentional misdirection” but we were unable to find it.

JONATHAN LIVINGSTON SEAGULL – If you note the information board at the top of the page it tells about the trees being gone.  I think this is probably what happened to this letterbox.


The view from this clue shown here does not resemble the description in the clue at all.  We had to record an “attempt”.


LIVINGSTON LARGEMOUTH – We found a location that fit the description in the clue, but either we are in the wrong spot or the box is missing.


LONE STAR – The directions for this one is very misleading.  If you follow them you will be looking at this.  Which is a fence to climb over, a bunch of raspberry bushes to wade through and no real idea where to look.


However, if you do the directions backwards (sorta) you will find it.  We found this soggy logbook in a box of water.


I put a new logbook in a dry bag and sealed up the box and replaced it where it was found.  I have the soggy logbook and it is drying out.  Some of the pages are still readable.  I sent the owner a message with an offer to mail it to him.

STATE MAMMAL - Directions say to follow the trail past the yellow poles.

DSCF9262 DSCF9264

We found the poles but see the pile of brush blocking the trail.  We made our way around the brush but was unable to follow the directions to find the box.  We recorded an attempt.

THE LONG KING LETTERBOX - This is a really neat stamp by Boots Tex.  I am glad to report that we found it.

THREE CAMPING COMPANIONS - This is a very cute stamp.  Nice carve.

Placed a box named “I Speak For The Trees

While we were walking I was looking for a location to place a box.  I chose a tree stump, since they seem to last longer than actual trees.  Hopefully it will last for awhile or at least until it’s been found a couple of times.

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Letterboxing Dallas and Waxahatchie

We did the Dallas Downtown Year Round Volksmarch today that started at Union Station.  After the walk we had a nice lunch at El Fenix before heading over to Grove Hill Cemetery to look for three boxes.

Our first hunt was for “From Victory to Tragedy” a box honoring the Von Eric wrestling clan.  First we paid our respects at the graves of this family.

DSCF9234 DSCF9235 DSCF9236We then went in search of the box which is near here.


The clue had great information on the family and we found a cute stamp.

With one success under our belt we headed out in search of “Weeping Angel – Grove Hill Angel”.  We found the angel.


We found the box location.


But the box was gone.  After a thorough search we went in search of “Texian to the Toenails, Texas Governor Series.”  We paid our respects at the grave and then went on to locate the box.  Another great carve.DSCF9240

We also found in this box a cute little hitchhiker named “One Eternal Round” launched in Olympia, Washington.  We will find this hitchhiker a new location soon.

On the way home we stopped in Waxahachie to look at the Munster House and search for a letter box by the same name.  Here is the house.


And here is the location where the box should have been.


It was supposed to be hanging in a tree, but we didn’t find it in the tree or on the ground.  It’s gone.

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Letterboxing in Austin

We went down to Austin today.  We took our daughter out for her first letterboxing adventures and I forgot the camera!  Unbelievable!

We went to Mary Moore Searight Metro Park to look for 12 boxes.  We first visited the miniature airport to look for “Soaring”.  We watched the planes and saw a really nice one sitting on a picnic table.  It would have been a great picture.  :(     We were successful in finding the box and got a cute stamp.

We continued on into the park to look for “The Game of Letterboxer Life – TX Edition”.  I won’t describe the clues because you have to play a game to get them and I don’t want to spoil your fun.  But I think something has changed since the box was last found in 2013, because we couldn’t find it.

From there we began a marathon search for “Baseball Mania (4)” and “Make a Scene – The Haunted Mansion (6)”.  You can do both at the same time as the clue coincide.  We had mixed success.  We found boxes 1 & 2 of Baseball Mania but 3 & 4 alluded us.  We did better with Make a Scene.  We found boxes 1-5 only missing the last one.  Make a scene does need maintenance.  The first stamp has deteriorated into four pieces.  I didn’t do a very good job of piecing them back together as I stamped them.  The logbook is also full.

Then the fun began… trying to find our way back to the parking lot.  Other walkers were heard to say that the trail went in a big circle so we ignored the directions given in the clues and continued on.  Big mistake.  Follow the directions in the clues, but we still had trouble doing that.  There has been another trail added that threw us off.  You might want to drop breadcrumbs so you can find your way back to the parking lot!  LOL

We finished up 8 out of 12.  Still a good day.

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Letterboxing Huntsville, TX


There was not Volksmarching event this weekend so instead of doing a Year Round Event we headed down to Huntsville to look for treasure.  Above is a picture of the lilies in the Lake Raven.  Below is a wildflower we saw while hiking in the State park.  Sorry, I can’t identify it for you.


But our first stop was at a rest stop just north of Huntsville.  There are two boxes listed for the south bound side of I-45.  Turns out it was very nice with information about the area.


FANTASTIC IN PLASTIC 2 says to go out and enjoy the view of the pond which we did.  Both boxes send you out to a bench.  With Fantastic in Plastic you continue on.  We did, but we didn’t find the box.


LBTX  – We returned to the bench and followed the clues.  We had more success with this one!  I did get my fingers pretty messy stamping it in though.

Back in the car we continued south of Huntsville to the State Park where TALE was recently held.  There we had many boxes to choose from.  I will not list them in the order we attempted/found them because that would give the next hunter too much of a clue.  Just telling you which ones we hunted for gives you a heads up.  Below is just a view of the kind of trails you will encounter at the park.  Nice area.


ADVANCE COPY – We started from the nature center and successfully found this one.


ANIMATED OUTLAWS – We found this one.  We sat here to stamp our books.


BEEP! BEEP! (2)  We didn’t find either one of these.  I think we were in the right area though.  We were to look for a “gnarly looking tree”.  Does this qualify?


From there we were told to look for a tree trunk arching over the trail.  Never did find it.  Can it have fallen or been cut down??  We came to a “long fallen log” and a “small tree in the middle of the path” which is the clue for the second box, but from there we could not find it either.



This one was high adventure indeed.  We scored the box and a very nice stamp it was too!

Identiy Thief – We found this cute stamp and it depicts something we should all be afraid of.

McGruff-the Crime Dog – We were successful in finding this one too.

PUBLIC ENEMY #1 – We found the box and inside was also clues for a “bonus box.”   You cross this bridge to get to the bonus box.  We found the box but it doesn’t appear to be listed on the website so we can’t record the find.


SNIPE HUNTING – We found the snipe! And inside there was also a hitchhiker.  Eggs in a Nest came away with us to look for a new home.

THE BIRD IN BLACK – To get to this box you will cross this bridge.  We had a little trouble finding this one, but eventually we figured it out.


THE RAVEN #2 -  This box took us to this platform.  But from there we had no luck.  Too many pines, no specious pile of sticks.


TWO IN THE BUSH –  We found this one successfully!

You Have a Choice – Yeah another success!

We broke for lunch (we ate at El Chico – I recommend it)  with the intentions of coming back to look for more, but we opted instead to search for those listed in town.  We did the ones at Oakwood Cemetery.  Both start here.


RAVEN 2, TEXAS GOVERNOR SERIES – We found this box and inside was a hitchhiker (our second for the day).  We took away Doctor Who and will find him another home.

TEMPLE HOUSTON, THE SON OF SAM – We were successful in finding this one also.

We also went to look for HOTM – TEXAS PRISON MUSEUM.


We found the box and we also took the time to go inside and look around.  Interesting place, well worth the money.

Out front we checked out this monument.  It honors the 150 years of the Texas Prison system.


We also did a search for HOTM BIG SAM.  The clues start here at the visitors center.


We continued after finding the box and viewed the statue which can be seen for miles on I-45.

DSCF9129 DSCF9130 DSCF9131


On the way home we made one last stop at the I-45 rest area on the north bound side to hunt for a box.  The design inside is the same with different information.


WALKER, TEXAS RANGER – was successfully found also.

There are still a lot of them waiting for us to find, but we will have to come back another day.  Huntsville is a great place to visit!

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Letterboxing in Rusk, TX

We walked the Rusk 10K Volksmarching Event on Saturday.  The walk route took us to Butler Park where two boxes were listed.

Entrance to Butler Park

Entrance to Butler Park

The first box we looked for was Shenandoah Shadow and we found it successfully.  Had a little trouble inking it as it is a large stamp, but very nice!  We continued our adventure by looking for Old Rusk College.  It was still there.  Another nice find.

The Volksmarch continued into Cedar Hill Cemetery where three boxes were listed.

Cedar Hill Cemetery Entrance

Cedar Hill Cemetery Entrance

We found the first clue for Cemetery Cross: Rose.

Officer Zimmerman's Grave

Officer Zimmerman’s Grave

We then went for the box and found it well protected by these thorns.

 Vines with thorns.

Heart shaped leaves are vines with thorns.

We managed to get it though!  We then went in search of December Holiday Series Box 1 which was near this clue.

Clue for Dec Holiday box.

Clue for Dec Holiday box.

We looked in the tree and on the ground in case it had been blown down.  But to no avail.  Couldn’t find it.

Searching in vain.

Searching in vain.

The third and final box in the cemetery was Bernie: A Star is Born.  We found this clue.

Clue for "Bernie" letterbox

Clue for “Bernie” letterbox

We continued on and successfully found Bernie.  We continued on the volksmarching trail and it took us to the Rusk footbridge.

Information on World's Longest Footbridge.

Information on World’s Longest Footbridge.

"Bonner Bank" letterbox is nearby.

“Bonner Bank” letterbox is nearby.

This is the location for Bonner Bank.  We fumbled around for awhile but finally got it right.  We found the box.  However it was full of water and the logbook was moldy mush.  I didn’t have a logbook with me, so I stamped a scrap of paper and put it into a new clean bag before replacing the box.  I trashed the old bag with the mushy logbook.  Sorry, couldn’t see any reason to put it back in the box.

That was all the boxes along the walk route.  After we finished the walk we drove to look for The James Brothers whose location was listed just a little south of Cedar Hill Cemetery.  Unfortunately we were not successful in finding this box.

We took a break and ate at Taco Bell.  Energy restored we headed out to do one more box before heading home.  This was for the Discovering History Hitchhiker Hostel.  This was a new idea for me.  I’d never heard of a hostel in letterboxing term.  Really neat idea.  I was going to post a picture but the write up asked that we not tell anyone anything about this box other than we found it.  It was a lot of fun!

So we looked for 8 boxes and we found 6.  Not a bad days adventure.


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