Letterboxing Emory and Kaufman, TX

bridgeWe were up at Emory for a volksmarch and there was a box listed in the city park.  The walk took us right to the park so we looked for “Eagle Fest” even though it said in the clues that the box had been reported missing.  The clue said to look for the bright red bridge with hand-rails.  This is not exactly handrails.

DSCF9619It said to look for a green footbridge with no handrails.  We did not see any such bridge.  Just two of these small black bridges with handrails.  We looked under them just to be sure, maybe they painted them and added handrails since 2007!  We didn’t find anything.  We gave it up and continued with our walk.

I was carrying a box to plant so when we came to the cemetery, I left behind “Flycatcher” near this grave.


After we finished walking and eating lunch we stopped in Kaufman to do some letterboxing.  There were two listed in town.  First we looked for “Love’s Enduring Journey” at the Kaufman Pioneer Cemetery.



We found the box but a corner had been chewed off and the contents were full of water. The logbook was hopeless and even the stamp was rotted. It is a shame. I took a picture of the stamp but I don’t really know what it represented. This box had not been found since 2011.


From there we went over to the Kaufman County Poor Farm. Interesting place and history.





But we didn’t find “Circle Tour 2012 – DFW & OK” and I think this pile of trees may be the reason. I think the tree in the clue is gone.


There were two more boxes listed as Kaufman but they are really about 10 miles south at a ghost community called Cottonwood. First we looked for and found the “Cottonwood Church” box. Then we continued on to the cemetery and looked for “The Rocking M Artist“. Here are a couple of cemetery pictures.



The clue says to go to the lone bushy evergreen in the center. The pouch is hanging fairly low right in the middle.



This evergreen is pretty near the center and we circled it all the while thinking they had trimmed it up since it was last found in 2013 and the box was gone. But don’t be fooled by the word “lone”. There is another evergreen and the box is nestled in the branches. It’s hanging loop has broken off but the pouch is there and the logbook and stamp are fine.

So we looked for five and found three; and I planted a new one in Emory if you are up that way. Happy hunting.

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Jacob’s Ladder – Waco – Cameron Park

I’ve heard of this ladder for years and I never went to see it, much less climb it.  Today in pursuit of “HOTM – Jacob’s Ladder” I took the challenge and climbed it.

Ladder was originally wood and was replaced by cement steps in 1963.

Ladder was originally wood and was replaced by cement steps in 1963.

DSCF9603 DSCF9604 DSCF9605 Once you get to the top of the stairs you can search for the box.  It was found safe and sound.  In very good condition for being placed in 2009!

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Letterboxing Junction and Llano, TX

The city of Junction didn’t have any letterboxes so I planned to plant one.  We checked out the cemetery but it was too open and well maintained to host a box.  We checked out this historical marker but it had been vandalized and it wasn’t a good location either judging by the trash laying around at the top of the stairs.


I briefly considered putting it here.  LOL


We ended up putting it in the Kimble County River Park.  It is near a picnic area so kids running around (they get into everything) may discover it and carry it away.


On the trip home we stopped in Llano to look for “Taken for Granite” in the Llano cemetery.  Interesting story.  I wonder what happened to the original statue?  We found this great stamp.


We went on to Leonard Grenwelge Park to look for “Birding Letterbox: Vermillion Flycatcher”.  From the clues we followed we went directly to a geocache.  No sign of a letterbox.

DSCF9557 DSCF9558

Our last hunt was out of town.  It was “Bald is Beautiful”.  The box was open and contents scattered, but it was all there.  The logbook had been wet, but was dry now so I tucked it into a plastic bag.  The stamp was damaged also.  The box is missing the tabs to hold it closed.  So after putting everything into the box, I tucked the box into a plastic bag and hid it at the base of the pole.


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Letterboxing So Llano and Ft McKavett

DSCF9471We were at South Llano State Park to do the volksmarch but the office didn’t open until 8am so we went ahead and went letterboxing.  We looked for “Old Bear Creek Texas Ranger Camp” and found it.  We then went looking for “Junction Boys” but the signs described in the clues were gone.  We searched around where we thought it should be but were unsuccessful in finding it.

By then it was after 8am so we went and paid our park entry fee, registered for the walk and headed out.  Turns out the Ranger Camp letterbox was along the walk route!  But that’s okay.

We went into town after the walk to eat lunch and to pick up the letterbox I wanted to plant.  I’d forgotten it at the motel.

Back at the state park we quickly planted my box in the day use area.  The entry for it is directly across from the office.


On the way out of the park we searched for and found “Mr. Texas – Texas Governor’s Series”.



We still had a lot of daylight left so we headed over to Fort McKavett to do some more letterboxing.  We looked for “Camp San Saba” and found it.


We then located the springs and looked for “Fort McKavett”.  We didn’t find it.



Just down the road from the Fort we looked for “Washer Pitching”.  We found it.


We looked for six boxes and found four.  We planted one.  Another good day.

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Letterboxing Ozona and Senora, TX

There were no boxes in Ozona so I carried one along to hide along the 10K volksmarch walk route.  As we neared the end of the walk, I found a nice place to leave it in the park across from the Crockett County Courthouse not far from this statue.


When we finished the walk in Ozona we headed East toward Senora.  There was a listing for a rest stop along I-10 so we stopped in to look for it.  Unfortunately “My Friend Chuck” has gone missing.


I’d carved a stamp named “Black Jack Ketchum” to hide in Senora.  We left him here.


I won’t show his exact location but he is near here.



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Letterboxing San Angelo, TX


We went to San Angelo to do the 10K Volksmarch.  There were no boxes along the walk route, so I took one to place.  About half way through the walk we came to Rio Concho Park.  I saw a likely tree near a mile marker which would make giving the directions easy so I left behind “Fresh Water Pearl”.


After the walk we went letterboxing.  I had tried last year to find “Floating Garden” without success.  I had attempted it in 2013 and didn’t find it.  So we were trying again because the owner had assured me it was there.  This is a lovely area.  If you’ve never been to the water garden it is worth the trip.  The pictured lily is the “official” state of Texas Lily.  Pretty cool.  We found the box this time!


From there we headed over to Ben Ficklin cemetery to look for the “Ben Ficklin’s Pony Express” letterbox.  We were successful here also.


We were going to search for “Happy Easter” at nature center near Lake Nasworthy but found that there was now an entry fee.  So we decided to not even try for it.

So we planted one and found both of the ones we searched for.  A good day!

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Hunting Treasure in Weatherford and Aledo, Texas

Four of us headed up to Weatherford to do the Year Round Event (Volksmarch) aka walking tour.  There were some boxes along our walk route which goes through Greenwood cemetery.  First we looked for “Oliver Loving” and were successful.


Next was “A Frugal Man – Texas Governor’s Series”.  We found that one also.


Mary Martin of Peter Pan fame is also buried nearby.  There wasn’t a box for her here, so I hid one.  I named it “My Shadow” since Peter Pan lost his.


 We then searched for Bose Ikard.

It should have been in this cedar tree under some rocks.  The rocks were on the grond nearby but the box wasn’t in the cedar tree.


Out walk continued through town and then to Chandor Gardens where three boxes were listed.


The first one should have been here, but it was missing.


The Second one we found near here.  The third one was also missing.

After finishing up the walk we drove over to the Public Library where a box used to be.  It was already reported missing, but I wanted to see Mary Martin’s statue anyway so we went to give it a look.


The box was listed as being in a cedar tree.  I’m guessing this is all that remains of the cedar.


We then went in search of “Bobcat” at Love Street Park.  We found the Bobcat but got scratched up in the process.  Beware, his lair is protected by thorns.

We next searched for “I can carve too! Box 1 Cherry Park”.  We found the box near the pool.


We then headed over to find “Spirit Guardians: Box 1 Curtis Cemetery”.  We found it also.


Leaving Weatherford behind we headed over to the East Parker County Library in Aledo.  One is inside the library and the library was closed so we didn’t even get to look for it.  We did find “Cat in the Hat” and “25 Years of the East Parker County Library”.


So we ended the day with eight out of the eleven boxes found.  A very good day.

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