Letterboxing in East Texas – day 2

We did a Volksmarch in Center on Sunday.  There was a box called “A Castle in Texas” along the walk route.  The clue led us to a pocket park and this mural, but the box was supposed to be at the base of the Pecan tree across from the mural.  Tree is gone and so is the box.

Courthouse Mural

Courthouse Mural

Where a tree should have been.

Where a tree should have been.

Pecan stump?

Pecan stump?

After we finished the walk we headed over to the new city park with it’s hike trail to see if there was a place to hide a box.  We walked over the bridge and into the woods and the Sugarglider box stayed behind.

Over the bridge.

Over the bridge.

From Center we headed West to Nacogdoches.  We visited the Azalea Garden where I found my letterbox was still safely tucked away.  We then headed to the Pioneer Park to look for The Chief’s Sons.  The clue directed us to find a three trunked tree across the ravine.  We actually found two that might fit the description, but neither hid a box.

DSCF7882 DSCF7883

Also in Pioneer Park was PT Phone Home.  We parked near the north most pavilion as directed.  It says to look for the sign for disc golf tees 13 and 16.  If this is the sign referred to it is useless.  We didn’t find any other signs.


We wandered around and found tees 1 and 18.  We were traveling home and didn’t have all day so we gave it up and recorded it as a not found.  We continued West and stopped just outside of Alto at the Old Palestine Cemetery for a really interesting box.  Killed in the Line of Duty – what a sad story.  The box is alive and well!

DSCF7885 DSCF7886 DSCF7887 DSCF7888

We continued on into Alto to the cemetery there. We first looked for POW’s at Le Pitit Mont Rouge.  We found the headstone in the clue.


We found the tree with the iron ore rocks, but we did not find a letterbox.


There was a second box in the cemetery called The Sunflower.  We found the historical marker in the clue.


We found the large cedar with the headstones hidden beneath it.


We found the bricks, but there was no box.  Just by chance I noticed something blue further in.  Someone had tossed the box clear up under the tree.  It took some crawling but the box was retrieved and we left it as described in the clue…  under the bricks.  The logbook was wet but not yet mushy.  I wished I hate a way to dry it out.

Continuing West we stopped at the Caddo Mounds and I planted a box not far from the burial mound.

DSCF7893 DSCF7896

Our last stop, just as it started to rain was for the Old Pepper Tree letterbox.  I was sad to see that the tree itself appears to be dead!  And unfortunately the box wasn’t there either.

DSCF7897 DSCF7898

So we had another fun day.  We attempted eight (including the check on my own box).  And we found three and planted two more so it was a good day.

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Letterboxing in East Texas – day 1

We did a Volksmarch in Carthage last Saturday.  While there I carried along a box to plant.  I thought the Odd Fellows Cemetery was a likely spot for my “Eager Beaver”.


As the walk progressed we passed the Texas Country Music Hall of Fame so we did a search for a box by the same name.  It was right where the clues said it would be!


After we finished the 10K and ate lunch with some of the other walkers we headed to the Jim Reeves memorial just outside of town.

DSCF7809 DSCF7810 DSCF7811 DSCF7812

After looking at the memorial we headed across a crawfish infested meadow to the treeline to look for the box.


These is where we think the box should have been, but we didn’t find one.


From there we headed on over to the Louisiana border to check out the last remaining marker for the Republic of Texas.  Pretty cool!  In honor of that, I left behind a stamp which is named the Republic of Texas.

It was too early to settle down for the night into the motel, so we headed over to the community of Woods to look for “The Finest Bale of Cotton” box.


DSCF7824 DSCF7825 DSCF7826 DSCF7827

We found it but the log book was mush.  I put a small slip of paper into a dry plastic bag and put it into the box for the next person to register on.

It was still too early to call it a day, so we headed to the no longer existing community of Short.  The trip there was wonderful for someone whose been stuck in the urban areas far too long.  Loved this drive.  It was a lot narrower than it looks, just glad we didn’t meet a vehicle going the other way while in these cut banks.



We found the cemetery and the box!  This logbook was mush also, but the box was bigger and I had a logbook I could put into it with another dry plastic bag.  It is a shame about the ruined logbook though.



We had a great day.  Planted two, and found three out of four we looked for.


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Letterboxing San Marcos and Central Texas

We headed to San Marcos to do the Volksmarch.  The walk started at City Park and went along the River and into some residential areas.  I took along a letterbox to hide just in case.  Found a home for Squidward near a children’s playground.

After the walk we ate lunch at Jason’s Deli and headed over to Prospect Park to look for Which Way is North.  This is a nice park with a well manicured trail.  We were successful in locating the box.

We then headed over to Upper Purgatory Creek Park to look for Skinner.  This was a much rougher trail and it was a 1.5 mile hike in to the hiding spot.  We saw lots of neat stuff along the way and even found a geocache when we peeked behind a boulder.  We were successful in finding the letterbox.

On our way home we detoured over to Hutto to look for Dream Interpretation: Aggressive Nature which is in Fritz Park.  We found the letterbox.

From there we continued north to Jonah were we first looked for Jonah and the Whale.  It was behind the community center.  Scored another find.


Our last search for the day was also in Jonah.  It was Jonah’s Letterbox which was out in the city cemetery.  We found it also so we ended the day with 5 searches and 5 finds.  Evens out last week when we didn’t find any.


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Letterboxing near Luling Texas

We headed to Luling to do the Volksmarch.  Our travel took us right through Lockhart so we tried for I Hart BBQ.  It is gone.  Kinda thought a Walgreen’s parking lot would be too open so I wasn’t surprised when it wasn’t there.

The Volksmarching flyer said the walk in Luling went by the Zedler’s Mill.  So I printed out the instructions for the Zedler’s Mill Letterbox and My First Plant Letterbox.  We tried for My First Plant which directs us to the corn sheller.


It continued that we should go to the right side corner and it would be behind the tin under two bricks.  We found the bricks but no box.


We continue our tour of Zedler’s Mill and found what we assume is the metal post in the clue although you are no longer allowed to drive in this area.


From the post we were to find a multi trunked tree.  We found the tree but the area had been disturbed.  It looked like they had piled the dirt from this construction in the area.  We dug around and found one brick, but no box.



Our walk continued along the river and under the highway.

DSCF7646It took us to this 1920′s restored bathouse.

DSCF7653Since I had brought along a box of my own I thought this would be a good place to leave my box.  There is a new swimming pool here also, so if you look for my box please be cautious.

Our walk continued back into town and eventually we walked down Cedar Street to the cemetery.  If you come looking for my box, you might want to plant one of your own here.



I had printed out three other boxes that were reported as not found just in case they were along the walk route.  Sure enough William Johnson Cabin was on the walk route but we had to list it as not found also.


Our walk continued and we eventually came to the address listed for Luling Oil – the clue said it was an Information Center.  It is a museum.  We found the oil well fountain.


The directions were a little confusing after that.  So we looked at all the Crepe Myrtles nearby.  This one seemed to fit the description best, but no box was found.



All the other Crepe Myrtles in the area had been trimmed way back.  No place to hide anything in any of those.


After having a great lunch at the Luling Barbecue we headed out in search of San Marcos Primitive Baptist Church  which was supposed to be three miles out of town.  We finally came to the church at about mile 5.  it was an interesting spot.  Although it is quite some distance from the San Marcos river to this spot, the marker said the original church was sweep away in a flash flood!


The box was said to be in the Mesquite tree in a small crevis.  We checked every crevis we could find to no avail.DSCF7701

Next door to the church is another nice cemetery.  Which might need a letterbox hidden in it!DSCF7703

So we looked for six and found zero.  But I planted one and we had a great day!





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Letterboxing South Texas Day 4 (Last)

Our walk for Day 4 was Kingsville.  This was our last day and we have to head home.  So after the walk we headed north.  We would be passing right through Robstown so we did a short detour to Hazel Bazemore Park to look for Hawk Watch.  We walked in heavy fog/mist that morning and had bouts of rain on the drive north but it quit before we got to Robstown so we decided to go ahead and try for it.  The temperature had dropped from 72 to 59, so we had to dig out wind breakers before heading out.

The hunt started here.


We headed out on the trail and ascended the first set of steps.


Then the second set.


The gully was more challenging.  Going up wasn’t near as bad as coming back down.  LOL


But it was all for nothing.  The box was gone!







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Letterboxing South Texas Day 3

Our walk for Day 3 was Sarita.  The box was again at a nearby rest stop.  As we did the Volksmarch we looked for a good hiding spot for a box.  Not luck, there just wasn’t a place to hide a box.  This little town, even though it is the county seat of Kenedy County didn’t even have a convenience store!  Can you imagine living is a town that small???

So anyway after the walk we headed south to the rest stop to look for the Sarita Songbird Box.   We found this interesting historical marker at the rest stop.


The lady’s bathroom were decorated with pictures made of ceramic tile.


The box was supposed to be out in the woods, but like yesterday we came up empty handed.


After we gave up the search we headed into Corpus Christi where we did the 6K version of the walk there.  When we finished we searched for letterboxes in nearby Portland.  Of the three listed we found two.  All three were in this same area.  We found the Blue Heron and the Red Fish, but not Sunset Lake.




We then headed back into Corpus to the Suter Wildlife Refuge Trail where we looked All Hail Nebraska.  We were successful in collecting this stamp.

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Letterboxing South Texas Day 2

Our walk for Day 2 was Falfurrias.  The letterbox was actually a few miles outside of town at a rest stop.  So we did the Volksmarch, and again we looked for a good hiding spot for a box.  The walk route took us through this cemetery where we did  find a good hiding spot for out letterbox.


After we finished the walk we headed south out of town to the rest stop to look for the Falfurrias Finch box.  We parked by the restrooms and walked by the pond and fountain.


DSCF7480 DSCF7483

We went into a nicely manicured wooded area.


From the clues given I think the letterbox should have been in this hollow stump.


But we didn’t find anything.

We headed on over to Padre Island and with still time to spare went back to Corpus to look for the Northwoods Loon box in Poenisch Park.  It has gone missing.  We had to record it as a not found.

We then headed over to Suter Wildlife Refuge Trail where I planted a box of my own not realizing until later that there is already one there.

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